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BOLD Powerful YOU Unleashed, 2 day Transformational Retreat

BOLD Powerful YOU Unleashed, 2 day Transformational Retreat


Do you KNOW you were meant for more in this life, but aren’t sure how to shift from feeling powerless to powerful?

Do you feel overpowered, undervalued, overwhelmed by uncertainty, your fears of the unknown, and worrying about the future of your life and business? (This is ultimately holding you back from achieving your dreams...)

Are you tired of living in fear of not being “good-enough” or worthy, and not asking for what you want?

Are you feeling defeated and frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you are seeing little to no results?

Do you know something is stopping you from attaining everything you want in your life, but aren’t sure what or how to change it?


Think back on your past year or maybe even two or three years.

Have you hit your goals? Big and small?

Did you reach your vision?

If you didn't, have you asked yourself why not?


Sometimes we don't hit even the littlest goals that we're striving for and here's what I’ve found...

I’ve found that women who I work with aren't getting to where they want to be because they feel unworthy.


Unworthy of...


Financial Freedom

Saying YES to opportunities!


Setting boundaries and saying No

Asking for clients or the sale

Deep, fulfilling love, from self and others

Receiving abundance

Their dreams


They are ...

Hiding in their life and business

Playing small

Not asking for what they want


Shrinking to fit what they think they “should” be

Fearful of “rocking the boat”

Hesitant to truly be seen, to take off their mask and show the world who they really are

Letting perfectionism control them

Sabotaging themselves each step of the way

Afraid of not being accepted for their true, authentic selves


If you don’t make a change, you will stay stuck in the same old life,

wondering if you will ever have the life you yearn for.


What you really want is to believe in yourself, know your worth, to feel confident in yourself and what you offer, in your business, and as a person

To stop living in fear - fear of speaking up, asking for what you want, playing big, being seen, being taken advantage of, abandonment

You want to feel empowered

You want to be courageous!

You want to be BOLD and brave 

You want better self-care

You want consistency in your business and income

You want more LOVE in your relationships

You want to express yourself without holding back

You want more love for yourself

You want to feel fulfilled

You want to make a bigger impact


Having the life you deeply desire requires being BOLD.

Bold in Business.

Bold in Relationships.

Bold in Self-Care.

Bold in Self-Love.

Living Boldly.


Your BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE will attract things to you that you never thought possible.


Imagine being like a magnet, effortlessly attracting clients to you...

Imagine feeling worthy, valuable and confident in who you are and what you offer...

Imagine standing tall, in your power, letting nothing hold you back

Imagine believing in yourself on the deepest level, ferociously going after everything you desire...

Imagine having the loving relationship you’ve always longed for (whether you are married, in a relationship or single)

Imagine living a life of purpose, persevering your desires in a way you never have before


You say you want more clients, money, freedom, time to play and more confidence. If you want to do something about it, let me help you, so you can see your dreams come true faster. In order to be successful and have everything you want in life, you MUST be willing to be courageous, to get out of your comfort zone, to feel the fear and do it anyway.


You're Invited to BOLD Powerful YOU Unleashed, 2 Day Transformational Retreat


The BOLD Retreat will get you:

Being more BOLD in your life and business

Stepping into your worth

Believing in Yourself

Standing in Your Power and Confidence

Using your VOICE to ask for what you want

Being Courageous

Saying NO to what isn’t serving you

Dreaming Bigger


You will learn how to be more BOLD in...

Business and Marketing

Relationships with Self and Others




 When you do the inner work to build your confidence, self-belief and feelings of abundance, you will see much bigger rewards for all your hard work.


It’s time for you to stop settling for “good-enough,” and start living a bold, confident, courageous, powerful life!

Stop putting yourself off, put YOU first, and take the leap to join me for this transformational, life changing retreat.


Not only will you get to transform your life from the inside-out at this retreat, you will be pampered, get to relax, rejuvenate, and get filled up with an incredibly supportive intimate group from the Confident Woman Community with Erin Summ. Check out this house where we will be staying! Gorgeous!!


August 23-25th

Lake Tahoe

Only $897

Need a multi-payment plan? No problem! Reach out to Erin here to set that up