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Confident Video Marketing Challenge

Confident Video Marketing Challenge


Many people have fears and limiting beliefs around doing video for their business, but it is an essential and FREE marketing strategy!

You may not be doing video because you fear being seen and heard, or maybe you don't know what to say. Or maybe you're afraid that if you go live, you'll "mess up" and embarrass yourself. Or maybe you don't feel like you're "tech savvy" enough, (pssst.... you don't have to be tech savvy!).

Well I am here to tell you, you CAN do video! And I want to empower you to get started, or take it to the next level. Whatever your fear around video, I am going to support you to breakthrough that belief, and get you seen, heard and known!



Build your Know, like, trust factor so people will want to work with you

Get seen as the go-to expert to get more clients

Create the “I know you from somewhere” syndrome


Video is an amazing way to get known, have people fall in love with you, and make them want to work with you! It showcases you as the expert in your niche. If no one knows about you, how will you grow your business?


You can’t be the world’s best kept secret and expect to be successful.


Here's how it will work... 

It's JUST 5 days  - October 8-12

Video Challenge members ONLY Facebook group

You will breakthrough limiting beliefs and blocks around video, be empowered, inspired and grow your confidence around video and your business!!

There will be challenges throughout the week to make videos on different themes and topics, and you can WIN FUN PRIZES!


To sign up it is JUST $30!

Happening October 8-12

Click here, register, and I will send you the link to the group where the challenge will take place.

Ready, Set, GOOOO!!!