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Stand Up and Shine! My 60-Day Confidence Discovery Journal

Stand Up and Shine! My 60-Day Confidence Discovery Journal

Are you a shy or introverted woman entrepreneur, struggling to feel confident, courageous, and valuable? Do you sometimes hide behind an invisible shield because you fear rejection, criticism, and not being “good enough” just as you are? Have you tried methods to transform your life and business that fell short or didn’t fit?

Then it’s time to go on a 60-day discovery journey all about you. Dig deep into what slows you down, what isn’t working, and why. Uncover and acknowledge where you illuminate the world.

Stand Up and Shine is a journal that works from the inside out to increase your confidence and self-awareness, allowing you to create steady change.

Over the 60 days you will describe:

 • where and who you are now

• what you hope to discover by completing the journal

• the concrete changes you make or hope to make as a result

• what you actually discover, summarized each week and at the end of the 60 days

• your plan for moving forward, past your roadblocks, supported by insight and self-guided actions

Inspirational quotes and a daily reminder prompt support your journey. The completed journal is a road map into your future, into more self-compassion, more strength, and ultimately more success.