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Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop


Goals are great, AND…

As entrepreneurs, we’re taught to set goals – big ones, little ones, daily, monthly and yearly ones, monetary and productivity ones. Goals help us reach our dreams—a thriving business helping others and a healthy bank account. Plenty of research proves setting goals is important to achieving success, but something even more important comes first—a clear, compelling vision.

Bring on the light!

Your Vision is your beacon, illuminating the path ahead. A powerful, loving boundary, your VISION keeps you from wandering into misdirection, confusion, or wasted time and resources.

 Kapow! to the gremlins!

 How often, when you step it up, start to play a bigger game, do limiting beliefs, fears, and gremlins of self-doubt move in to block your light? Holding tight to your Vision will help you knock those demons out of your way. At this workshop, we do a LOT more than just create your Vision Boards. We will work out some of your limiting beliefs, talk about your worth and value, along with your feelings of “deserving,” what you’re charging in your business, how to get what you really want in your life and business and so much more!


 A Vision becomes truly yours when you dedicate time to imagine it, to wrestle out the details, give words, images — all your senses to it. To make it real, you have to FEEL it, in your heart and being. When you bring the pieces out of your head and onto the page, self-confidence sends roots deep into your dreams. Remember, a goal without a VISION is a dream without wings. 


Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. Whether you believe that or not, we know that visualization works. Olympic athletes have been using it for decades to improve performance, and Psychology Today reported that the brain patterns activated when a weightlifter lifts heavy weights are also similarly activated when the lifter just imagined (visualized) lifting weights. –Elizabeth Rider, Huffington Post

 What more productive, fun way to unlock your VISION than through a Vision Board? Have you heard of, but never made, one? Have you made a VISION board before, but it’s out of date? Now’s the time. January 13th, is your chance to get clear and focused, and to kick some of those gremlins to the curb. I’m here to get you started. Join me April 29th for Confident Woman Visioning Workshop.


Your VISION Board will be populated with meaningful images, motivating quotes, inspirational messages, and plenty of creativity. Backed by a clearly thought-out VISION Board, even the biggest, scariest goals will suddenly feel much more attainable. AND your VISION Board is the perfect vehicle for finally silencing that negative voice in your head that’s keeping you from living and attaining your dreams.



You want to make 2018 your best year yet, right? That means KNOWING what achieving your goals and dreams, will look like AND—I’ll say it again—how it will FEEL. A strong, compelling vision that excites and motivates you every day will keep you on track. Right away you’ll have a line drawn in the sand against that defeatist mind chatter. Your VISION and VISION Board will help you bust through the blocks that try to keep you small and hidden.

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is a lot of plain hard work—sticking to it through the good, the bad, and the boring. A VISION BOARD hung above your desk will energize you, become daily inspiration and motivation, and drive you forward every single day, clear on your bigger purpose. This is the real power of a VISION board.

Seriously, come play!

Join me on April 29th for the Confident Woman Vision Board Workshop where you will get crystal clear on what you plan to create for 2018. Your VISION in your mind will transform onto paper as you create a strong, visual representation of your deepest desires. This bright light will keep you moving forward over the year to come.